UI Assets Created for Contract work with Three Owls and a Trenchcoat. Assets implemented by Tim Ray in Unreal Engine 5.0 unless stated specifically..  Full gameplay video can be watched Here.
Health Bar

Health Assets created with two images: One full and One empty. To create the illusion of a depleting health bar.

Stamina Bar

Stamina Asset created with an 8 frame sprite sheet that explodes when the player uses their attack.

Menu UI

Menu Buttons and Cursors made to match the punk nautical theme. Created to give a cohesive set of signs with rope and bones that match similar assets with 3d models.

Menu Assets for changing the video resolution and full-screen mode. Made to keep the same aesthetic vibe within the combo box. (Implemented in Engine as shown by Me)

Menu Assets for changing the Audio volume, made by taking two separate images of a rope texture and overlaying them on top of one another, with a knot to indicate specific values.

Steam Store Assets

Header Capsule

Store Capsule

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